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    George Harrison might not be known for his kindness towards is fans, which is a shame, because some of the fan stories the involve George are super sweet.   George really seems humble and amazed that these girls would take their time to wait around for him and give him gifts.   George always seems the most comfortable around the fans who were in small numbers, weren't pushy, and seemed sincere.  

    I love that one of the fans, Debbie, gave George that Roto-Rooter t-shirt and he liked it so much.   You see him wearing some silly t-shirts over the years and it makes me wonder now just how many came from fans.   Wouldn't you just die if one of the Beatles was seen wearing a t-shirt that you gave him?

    This story came from the Sept/Oct 1975 issue of the Harrison Alliance.   

    George and friends during the recording of "Extra Texture" at the time of these stories

    On July 16, 1975 George went to the premiere of the Holy Grail and was wearing the Roto-Rooter t-shirt he had gotten form a fan on the 13th.

    The Adventures of the Dark Horse & Roto-Rooter Service
    By Patti Claire with Susan Janes

    June 6 1975-
    We had our suspicions confirmed that the white Mercedes parked in the lot at A&M belonged t Hair Georgeson.  If we had known that we would keep running into the guy, we would never have stuck it out those nice long, miserable hours; but we were determined to meet him for the first time.  We weren’t going to let anything ruin our chance to catch a glimpse of him.

    Around 4 a.m. we decided to wait in the car.  There we were; Gloria was sleeping in the back seat along with Doylene, whose thoughts were on Paul.  I, with my head on the steering wheel thinking to myself, “Come on George, you said you’d meet anybody!,”  and Susan had her eyes permanently fixed on the studio door.  So, you could tell we were all in tip-top shape, ready to go any second!
    An hour passed, then, lo and behold, a group of four guys emerged from the studio.  Susan’s voice brought us back form the living dead by saying those famous first words:  “Oh God!  There he is!!” We (Doylene, Gloria and I) refused to believe that was him.

    Things started to go so fast and before we knew it, George was walking toward our car.  Susan brilliantly thought, “Get the hell out of the car, you fool, George Harrison is coming right towards you!!”  So she proceeded to do so, with the rest of us making feeble attempts at getting out of the car.  I was stooping outside of the car trying to grab the camera off the dashboard while Doylene was desperately trying to get out of the back seat.

    By the time the dynamic duo got over to George, he and Susan had already exchanged hellos.  We’d never seen Susan such a white shade of pale; she was glowing in the dark!  Then we managed to hear what George had to say, and were amazed when words came out of our mouths!

    George:  I told Harry (security guard at A&M) that sure, sure, I would come over and meet four silly people.  Well, this is it, here I am.”  (He smiled).
    Susan:  Yeah, it sure is.
    George:  I don’t understand.  Why do you wait for me?  I’m nobody.
    Susan:  Yes you are!
    George: Harry asked me to come over and say hi.  You were waiting so long it made me feel obligated to meet you. (He looked like he was in a hurry and started to walk away).
    Patti:  Can we take a picture with you?
    Geroge:  I don’t enjoy being the monkey all the time.
    Patti:  But we’ve been waiting over eight hours.
    George:  I know, you’re all here together, that’s nice.  Let me take pictures of you guys.
    He too my camera from me and aimed it at Susan, Gloria and me.
    George:  OK, pose.
    He took the photo, and then proceeded to take one of Doylene, who was standing off by herself.
    Patti:  Oh, George, please, I want one of us with you.
    George:  Ok, Ok, I’ll take it.
    Patti: what?
    He stretched out his arms, turned the camera towards himself and snapped the picture.
    Patti:  What if it doesn’t turn out?
    George:  Well, you’ll know it’s me!
    Patti:  Can I take one of you?
    George:   I took it myself, that’s even better.
    Patti:  Are you feeling better? (Someone had informed us that he had the flu)
    George:  (confused) Yeah.
    Patti:  Weren’t you sick?
    George:  No.  I’ve gotta go.  Hello and goodbye.  Hello and goodbye.
    He drove out smiling, but I didn’t see him because I was crying uncontrollably in Susan’s lap.  I wonder if George wondered where the driver was.

    Just as Susan and I were beginning to recover from that meeting, we, along with another friend, Debbie, “just happened” to run into George again on Friday the 13th.  After going to the studio with gifts to leave with the security guard (in hopes that he’d give them to George), we were told in good faith that Hari should be coming in.  But, after waiting several hours, he was a no-show.  We made no bones about it, though, because we had definitely been satisfied with the meeting of a week ago.  So, we left.  On our way home who should we see driving in the opposite direction on Sunset Blvd. but him!  I was carrying on like a mad woman because the other two hadn’t seen him.  We raced back to the studio only to be told he didn’t come in there.  Debbie suggested we continue down Sunset; Susan an dI were very agreeable.  As we were approaching the Cinerama Dome, Susan made the wise-crack, “Maybe he took Olivia to see a movie.”  She was 100% right!  George’s car was parked right out on the street.  They were inside watching “The Return of the Pink Panther.”  

    Being loyal George fans, of course we waited.  We still had the gifts with us.  A Roto-Rooter t-shirt and a bottle of wine.  After falling down on sidewalks, drowning in fountains and illegally picking flowers, we managed to stay in one piece.  Since we were walking by the front exit, the whole crowd decided to depart out the side and George was no exception.  Debbie spotted them first and said, “Is that them?”  I looked over at the happy couple, said “Yes!” and proceeded to walk to George’s car.

    Patti:  “Hi George.  Hi Olivia!”
    George:  Hi.
    Patti:  We have some things for you.
    George:  (Looking at the box Debbie had).  What is it?  A pizza??
    Debbie:  No.  It’s a shirt.
    George:  Well it looks like a pizza!  No, really, you don’t have to.
    Debbie:  But I want to.  Please?
    George leaned across the car and took the box from Debbie.
    George:  Ok, I’ll open it later.  Thanks.
    Patti:  I’ve got some wine for you, George.
    George:  oh??
    Patti:  Well, it’s for Olivia.
    George:  Oh, ok.  I’ll roll down the window.
    George got it, put the box in the back seat, explained to Olivia what was going on, and then rolled down her window.
    Patti:  (After banging the bottle accidentally on the widow) Here you go, Olivia.  I hope you enjoy it.
    Olivia:  Thank you.
    George:  Thanks.  Bye.
    All of us:  Bye!

    Did we stop there?  Hell no!  We just had to have one more.  Susan, Ceil, Katie and I (we add a new ones to each meeting!)  were anxiously waiting for George to drive into A&M on June 19.  Once again we had been informed he would be there.  He drove right past us and into the parking lot.  Susan said, “It’s him.”  I said, “I know” and hopped out of the car and into the pakring lot.  George spoke first as he saw me coming towards him.

    George:  Hi!
    Patti:  Hi!
    George:  Thanks for the t-shirt (I nearly died because he remembered me!)
    Patti:  Oh, did you like it?
    George:  Yeah, yeah.
    Patti (to Olivia):  Did you drink the wine?
    Olivia.  Yeah, I liked it.
    Patti:  Are you here for the party?
    George:  Oh no.  That’s already over.
    Patti:  Everybody’s going home?
    George: I hope not.  I’m here to work.
    Susan was finally waling into the parking lot.
    Patti:  Susan and I have something really  nice we want to give you.
    George:  But you don’t have to give me anything
    Patti:  But it’s something we really want you to have.
    George:  Oh, uh, uh
    Patti:  Then you won’t take it?
    George:  Oh, I’ll accept it.  But in the future you girls don’t’ have to vie me anything.
    Patti:  Look what it is (I showed him the necklace and he held onto the small plastic bag with me)
    George:  Oh!  An AUM!
    Susan:  We wanted you to have something to thank you for all you’ve given us.
    George:  Thank you.
    Katie:  All I can give you is my good thoughts.
    George:  That’s as good as anything.
    Susan:  You have no idea how much happiness you give to people.
    Katie:  You give out such good vibes.
    George:  I’m still not used to all the admiration.  You’d think that after ten years I would be at ease with it and that I would handle it.  But I still haven’t gotten used to it.  It’s hard.
    We all sort of agreed with him.
    Patti:  You’re working on a new album?
    George:  Yeah, the single.
    Patti:  When will that be out?
    George:  In August.
    Patti:  And then the album follows?
    George:  Yeah in September.  About a month
    Olivia began to give subtle hints to George, like pulling on his belt loop.
    Susan:  Uh, we better go.
    George:  Yeah, right.
    Patti:  Thank you.
    George:  Thank you.
    All of us:  Bye
    George Bye.

    Poor Ceil hadn’t got to talk to him because she left momentarily just before he drove in.  Susan was in shock because when I mentioned her name to George he looked past me at her as she was walking in; she had no idea what was going on.  He couldn’t’ have been nice to us.

    The next time we had the opportunity to speak with George it was very short and sweet.  After popping up from nowhere, to the complete surprise of George, we found this to be one of the nicest meeting because he treated us like his friends, not his fans, and that felt damn good!  While we were waiting, we were taping for fun on the new tape recorder Susan had just bought.  We walked up to George but chickened out about asking him if we could tape his voice but after we got to talk to him and got back to the car we found that form the excitement of seeing him again we hadn’t turned it off.  Anyway, this is what he said:

    Susan:  how are you?
    Geroge:  Well, I…
    Patti:  How’s everything going?
    George:  Not bad.  I’m a bit tired today.
    Patti:  Oh you are?
    George:  I stayed so late and I had to get up so early.
    Susan:  Oh, you did?
    George:  Yeah, and I’m late now too.
    Susan:  Oh, ok.  We’ll go.
    George:  Ok.  I’ll see you.
    Patti:  Thanks for stopping anyway.  Bye.

    The last time George was to be seen by any of us (at least for now), he decided to do something nice for me.  I was there without my faithful buddy, Susan.  Ceil and I were sitting on the step outside the studio.  Ceil had gotten up and stood by the gate.  George and Olivia came out with Olivia driving and her window was down.  Ceil heard George say, “There she is again…” meaning me.  Ceil handed George a letter to which he replied, “Thank you.” Then looked over at me, motioned with his finger and said, “Come here.”  I couldn’t hear him and had no idea he meant me so I sat there looking at the others.  They were all looking at me!  I looked back over at George who was kinda laughing at me, put my hand to my chest and said, “Me??”  George smiled really big and nodded his head.  I hopped up and went over to the car.  I knelt down outside of Olivia’s window.  George proceeded to pen up his jacket, spread it apart and pulled his t-shirt up from behind his overalls so I would read the wiring on it.  It was the same t-shirt Debbie had given him at the movies –Roto-Rooter!  I was shocked!

    George:  See, I’m wearing it!
    Patti:  ahhh!
    George:  I wanted to let you know I like it.
    Patti:  Oh.  You wore it to Monty Python too.
    George Yeah, yeah.
    Patti:  Oh George, can I please take a picture of you wearing it?
    George:  (Looking down at his chest) but you can hardly see it.
    Patti:  Oh, ok.  You’re leaving for England soon?
    George:  Yeah.
    Patti:  When?
    George:  Maybe tomorrow.
    Patti:  oh.
    George Yeah.
    Patti:  Oh, you guys have to go  (A car pulled up behind them)
    George:  Bye
    Patti Bye.  Thanks.

    I went and sat back down on the steps, literally shaking, and began to cry.  I looked up and George was still looking at me.  He gave me a sympathetic look like, “I didn’t mean to make you cry.”  George said something to Olivia, and the second he stopped talking they both looked right at me and smiled.  When they drove off I was hysterical!

    After meeting George you realize that he is a human being, and a fine one.  The looks he gives you while sitting on the steps are for you alone, the smiles are for you alone, when he stares into your eyes he’s looking at no one  but you!  He respects you and what you have to say.  You realize he’s one of the nicest people on earth and you love him.  At least he’s aware of the fact that Susan and I do, because as Olivia told us on June 23rd, “He knows you love you.”

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  • 06/24/13--21:14: Casual Macca

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  • 06/24/13--21:15: Head chop

  • Nice try fan photographer, but you cut off John's head there.  

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  • 06/25/13--20:49: We love the Beatles!

  • I love seeing the girls with the hand-made sweaters.  

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  • 06/25/13--20:57: New Zealand tour
  • Copyright:  Archives New Zealand

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  • 06/25/13--21:23: Backstage walk

  • Doesn't Neil look really young here?  

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  • 06/25/13--21:24: Don't bother me
  • I love how you can see the screaming fans in the background through the window.   

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  • 06/25/13--21:26: Who's that girl?

  • There has been some speculation that this adorable girl is Leslie Samuels-Healy.   Leslie is that you?  I think it is too young to look like Leslie, although Paul does look the same as when she met him in 1967.   

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  • 06/26/13--19:47: Walking on Air
  • I love it when things "Come Together" for me and this blog.   Several weeks ago, over at one of my favorite places online, Wings McCartney, posted some great fan photos of Paul McCartney taken in 1982.   I intended on posting them here but never got around to it because I posted other things.  Well I have  been sorting my Beatles fan magazines and found a fan story about meeting Paul in 1982 and sure enough the story takes place the same day as the photos!   So now I can post the story and photos together.   I love that!

    The Story comes from the December 1983/January 1984 issue of Beatlefan magazine.  It was written by Linda Lampo.   The photos were taken September 24, 1982 outside of Air Studio by Janet Merrill.

    I met Paul McCartney for the first time at AIR studios on Sept 23, 24, and 28, 1982.

    I went to AIR Sept. 23 and a crowd was there, so I went inside to ask when Paul would arrive.  The doorman said he was there already, but to come back in an hour or two as he usually comes out at 6p.m.

    So at 4:30 I came back and a half hour later I spotted Linda McCartney coming down the street.  She had come from dinner, and was being nice to everyone.  Then she went inside and at 6 p.m. both Paul and Linda came off the elevator.

    Paul was fixing his tie and as they came out the door, they both said "Hi" to me (I was standing by the door).  I asked Paul to sign an autograph, but he was being rushed to go to a party, so he said, "I'll be here tomorrow.  Come back."

    That's all I had to hear.  My husband took a picture while Paul laughed.

    The next day Paul came alone.  At 1 p.m. his Volvo pulled up and he came around the Oxford Street corner and signed autographs.  He was wearing jeans and had a lot of gray hair, but looked good.  I called to him and he stopped and signed my photo.  He asked me if I liked the photo of him that was signing (which I thought was strange).  Then I gave him a ceramic guitar I had made.  He said he loved it because it was handmade.

    My husband took another picture and Paul shook hands with him and said to us "I got the guitar," and turned to me, "you got the photograph," and to my  husband, "you got the snap."

    September 28th was my next to last day in London and I had to see Paul one more time.  So, again I went to AIR, where I knew hew as still recording.  I was lucky as here he came again at 1 pm.  Everyone knew who we were waiting for.  But this time only three girls were close to him - me and two others (one, another American had her baby with her).

    Paul stopped and said hello to us.  Then he played with the baby.  He was being very casual.  It was time for him to leave and so he started walking and as he got to the door, he turned around and said goodbye to me!  I naturally waved back.  He made it feel so pesonal.

    That is one trip I'll never forget.

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  • 06/26/13--20:02: Back to the Egg

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  • 06/26/13--20:05: Lost Lennon

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    Do you think the girl in the bottom photo is really a reporter or a fan trying to look a bit older and talk to Paul?

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  • 06/26/13--20:37: Boys and cars

  • Just a couple of photos I bought in an auction lot in the past couple of weeks.  

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    Greetings to Beatle fans everywhere!     I hope that many of you have had the chance to see Paul in concert for his "Out there" tour.    I really think it has been one of his better tours in recent years.   It has been a pretty fun Beatle-filled summer so far!   We've seen the re-release of Wings over America, Paul's tour, Paul's interview and performance on the Colbert Report, Paul and Stella on Dateline NBC, Ringo's new awesome ebook and Grammy museum exhibition as well as various fan conventions and meet ups going on.   Who would have thought that being a Beatle fan in 2013 would have been so exciting and fun?   

    I will be off on my tour with The Beatles Pilgrimage tour from July 5-15.  I will be going to Liverpool, London and Hamburg.   I will be in Liverpool on Ringo's birthday.   It should be a LOT of fun.   If any of you live in that area, please let me know!    I will be checking my email and things a little bit while I am away, but for the most part I will be too busy having Beatle fun.  The blog will not be updated and I will allow comments to occur without my approval.   I know that Paul will be back in the United States during that time (just my luck, huh?).   If any of you have any Paul encounters please do not hesitate to email me and I will post your story when  I am back home.

    I only had 7 people enter the Trivia contest this past month.   Maybe I made the questions too hard?  I didn't think they were too bad.   I am going to announce the winners tonight.   The next contest will be coming up soon.  It will be a raffle and the winner will get James McCartney's autograph!  (Thanks to my mom!)

    I am looking for a few fans out there who might like to be "corespondents" for Meet the Beatles for Real.   I am looking for some fans who live in various places around the world and who attend lots of Beatles events:  Paul and Ringo concerts, openings, sound checks, conventions, etc.    People who are in the know and might have a few inside scoop and be willing to write about things from a fan's point of view.   If that sounds like you, please let me know!

    Thank you to the 100 people who took the time to take the first ever MTBFR survey.   It was interesting and I will be having other survey's in the future.   Here are the results: (some people skipped questions and did not answer, so not all percentages add up to 100)

    Question:  How long have you been visiting Meet the Beatles...For Real?
    20%   2-3 years
    20%   just started
    19%   1-2 years
    16%   under 1 year
    13%   4 years
    12%   3-4 years

    Question:  What is your age range?
    33%    50-59
    32%    40-49
    14%    20-29
    9%      30-39
    8%      60-69
    4%      13-19

    Question:  How long have you been a Beatles fan?

    24%   Since the 1970's
    20%   Since 1964
    16%   Since the 1980's
    12%   Between 1965-1970
    11%   Since the 2000's
    9%     Since the 1990's
    5%     I'm a new fan
    5%     Since 1963 or eariler

    Question:  What is your gender?
    60%  Male
    40%  Female

    Question:  What Country are you from?
    60%   U.S.A.
    7%     England
    6%     Canada
    4%     Germany
    3%      Israel
    2%      New Zealand
    2%      Brazil
    1%      Mexico
    1%      France
    1%      Belgium
    1%      Italy
    1%      Norway
    1%      Netherlands
    1%      Vietnam
    1%       Georgia
    1%       Singapore
    1%      Malta
    1%      Sweden
    1%      Iceland
    1%      Greece
    1%      Ireland

    Question:  Who is your favorite Beatle?
    37%    John
    32%    Paul
    21%    I don't have a favorite Beatle
    19%    George
    4%      Ringo

    Question:  Have you ever met one of the Beatles in person?
    78%    No
    21%    Yes

    Question:  Have you ever met someone connected to the Beatles (such as Pete Best, a wife, child, etc.) in person?
    60%  No
    40%  Yes

    Question:  What is your favorite part of Meet the Beatles ... For Real!?
    57%   Photos
    46%    All of it
    23%    Fan Stories
    5%      Sara's review of books, concerts and events
    5%      What ever happened to?  (stories of where fans are today)
    3%      comments from other fans
    1%      On stage with Macca

    Question:  What is your least favorite part of Meet the Beatles .... for Real!?
    84%   I like everything (thank you!)
    5%     On stage with Macca
    5%     comments from other fans
    2%     What ever happened to?  (stories of where fans are today)
    2%      Sara's reviews of books, concerts and events
    2%      fan stories
    1%      photos

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  • 06/27/13--20:49: Airport wind
  • Photo by Curt Gunther

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  • 06/27/13--20:53: Quick Recover

  • Do you think these fans who made this sign ran out of room to make the "y" to make it say "Ringo quick recovery"?   And they figured, oh....they know what we mean!   I think seeing the Beatles on a boat like that would have been awesome!   What a neat way to wave at the fans.   Better than the cars in Japan.  (remember Paul's story about the girls on the corners in Japan screaming?)

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  • 06/27/13--21:07: Teeter-totter

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    I love how Paul is stopping and talking to this woman in the middle of all those people.

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    This is wonderful.   John is trying to blend in with the crowd of folks going to see the Statue of Liberty in New York.   But yet John Lennon doesn't blend it.   He stands out in a crowd!   Yet no one is bothering him or freaking out.    Little do these people know that John is about to take one of the most iconic photographs....him with the peace sign at the base of the Statue of Liberty.   This is just so cool!

    You can buy this photo on ebay right now.    Although I bet you can guess who the top bidder is right now.  

    0 0

    The Beatles didn't win the Trivia contest, but they are always winners in my book!

    I want to thank the 8 amazing people that entered the MTBFR first ever trivia contest.    8 isn't very many people and I am slightly disappointed in the turnout, but what more could I do?   I guess next time the questions need to be easier, although all the answers could  be found right on this blog.   My idea was that more people would be looking through the blog.  Oh isn't going to stop me and I will be holding more contests in the future.    So started studying your Beatles trivia!

    The winners of the contest are:

    1st place winner of the autographed book A Date with a Beatle by Judith Kristen:   Ruby

    Congrats to Ruby because she got all of the answers correct and was the only person to have gotten 100% on the trivia.   Way to go!!!!  

    2nd place winner of a Beatles lighswitch cover (they can chose either Abbey Road or Help):  Amanda

    Way to go Amanda.  She got 14 out of 15 questions correct!  Yippie!!!

    3rd place winner of a set of Beatles in Cincinnati in 1966 postcards is champiedog

    I am not sure who you are, champidog but you also got 14 out of 15 questions correct.   Yeah yeah yeah!

    If you are a winner, please email me with your address and I will try my best to mail your prize out to you before I am out of the country on Friday.

    Here are the answers to the question.
     1.  Give the first name of one of the founding members of the Apple Scruffs.
    Any of the following would have been accepted:   Margo, Carol, Gayleen, Chris, Lucy, Sue John, Jill, Jenny, Lynne

    2.   What is Paul McCartney's London address?
    7 Cavendish Avenue

    3.   In 1975, John Lennon went to Philadelphia to participate in a telethon.   What item of clothing did John auction off during the telethon?
    The answer I was looking for was "his socks."  However, several people said a signed denim cap, which is correct so I also accepted it. 

    4.   In 1982, members of Paul's Fun Club were sent invitations to be extras in a music video that also featured Ringo and George Martin.  What song was the video for?
    Take it Away

    5.   What was the name of the hotel in New York City where the McCartney family almost always stayed while in town?
    The Stanhope Hotel

    6.    Name one of the Beatle fanzines that were published in the 1970's-1980's.
    I would accept any of the following:  The Write Thing, With a Little help from my friends, Harrison Alliance, McCartney Observer, MacLen, Strawberry Fields Forever, The Mess.   I also accept Beatle Book Montly, although I don't really think it falls into the category as a "fanzine" because so many Beatle insiders wrote for it.

    7.  What was the name of the New Orleans recording studio where Paul McCartney and Wings recorded the Venus & Mars album in 1975?
    Sea-Saint Studios

    8.  Who were the two Beatles that attended the Magical Mystery Tour reception held for fan club secretaries in December 1967?
    George and John

    9.  Name three people who were  backstage with the Beatles at Candlestick Park in 1966.
    I would have accepted any of the following people:  Jim Marchall, Ralph Gleason, Mal Evans, Neil Aspinall, Alf Bicknell, Joan Baez, Joan's sister, Marilyn Doerlfer, Tony Barrow, Jim or Barry Feinstein, Captain Frank Flaherty, Ed Freeman, Bob McCay, Rachel Donahue
    10.  Whose ranch did the Beatles ride horses on during a break in the 1964 American tour?
    Reed Pigman
    11.  What type of candy did American fans throw on the stage during Beatles concerts?
    In American they threw Jelly Beans.   We do not have "Jelly Babies" in the United States.

    12.  What is the title of the painting the Beatles worked on while in a hotel room in Japan in 1966?
    Images of a Woman
    13.  What is the title of Yoko's book that she and John attended two book signings for in 1971?
    14.  What term did Linda use to describe the time she and Paul spent together in Los Angeles in 1968?
    "The First Dirty Weekend"

    15.  What item of Ringo's did Angie McGowen return to Ringo at the Warwick hotel in 1964?
    His Saint Christopher's medal necklace.   I just read that Ringo still has it!

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