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An online Beatles fan club for and about Beatle fans
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    Last so many of us, Paul has vivid memories of exactly where he was on September 11, 2001.   As we get farther and farther away from that date, it gets harder and harder for me to believe just how long ago it truly happened.     It seems so recent because everything I did on that day is vividly engraved in my memory.  

    On November 26, 2016 Paul visited the September 11 museum in New York City and paid his respects for those who lost their lives on that day.  

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  • 09/11/17--19:40: A Fan Talks About Screaming
  • A Fan Talks About Screaming
    by Irene Gerrard
    The Beatles Book
    1966 Christmas Extra

    Something my friend said recently, made me think seriously of the tremendous effect that your boys have on us teenagers.   We were talking about your next tour -- which I hope will be very soon, and she said, "I'll gok with you, IF you promise not to start screaming."  But I just coulnd't promise.  When you see the Beatles, you can't just say "Oh well, I think I'll scream now!"  Screaming isn't something you can turn off or on, like a TV set.   Nor is it something you do because it's "the thing" or because your best friend does it.  It's something quite natural.   All of  a sudden, something gets you -- you realise -- this is really THEM -- for four tatty ends (sorry!) who have grinned at us from so many  manazines, LP covers, etc.

    I'll never forget the day I went into Liverpool with another friend, Imelda, to welcome  you when you came home for the premiere of "A Hard Day's Night."   As we were both thirteen at the time, we considered ourselves quite grown up, and our conversation on the way into Liverpool was interspered with remarks like, "I won't scream, will you?" "Of course not only the young kids scream" and so on.

    So  there we were standing in Bold Street, waiting anxiously for signs of your appearance.  A barrage of screams, from further up the street told us how near you were.  Imelda and I braced ourselves, once more knowing that nothing would induce us to lose our dignity by screaming.

    Then, the big black car drew nearer, and, I know this sounds corny, soppy, meldodramatic, etc, but it's the truth, suddenly nothing mattered but the fact that YOU were only a few feet away from us.  I let go with all I had and just screamed my head off.  I suupose Imelda must have done the same, but I couldn't tell at that moment.  I could see Ringo and George, smiling and waving, and, like all the other girls around me, I suppose, I was certain that they were smiling at, and waving to me alone.  I felt a triffle sad, because John, my favorite (he was then, and he still is now) was on the other side of the car, and I couldn't see him, but in a flash, it was all over, and the car had moved on.

    Imelda and I just staggered away.  All our promises to retain our dignity, and just wave and smile, had disappeared as if in a puff of smoke.

    I know that if ever I see you, in person, again, the same thing will happen, so I don't make promises any more.

    I don't quite know why I'm telling you all this, Beatles.  I just thought you may like to know a little of the effect you have on a frantic fan, namely me!  

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  • 09/11/17--19:53: Roll Up Roll Up!

  • 50 years ago today the Beatles and friends rolled up for the first day of the Magical Mystery Tour.   They had to wait on the street while the bus was getting the stickers applied, which caused quite a scene, as you can imagine. 

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  • 09/11/17--20:10: Let's hear it for the boys

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  • 09/11/17--20:16: Rehearsal in Miami

  • Thinking of everyone in Floriday tonight and posting this great shot of the Fab 4 rehearsing in Miami Beach in 1964.

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  • 09/12/17--18:27: September 12

  • Everyone remembers September 11, 2001 --- but do you remember September 12?    That was when everyone around the world were united.      We all experienced this terrible act of hate together and people were there or one another.     I just remember lot of love and kindness towards each other and a promise to never allow us to be filled with hate towards our fellow man again.       And I look at us in 2017 and I realize that many who made that September 12th promise have forgotten.    It is sad.

    This billboard appeared in New York City shortly after 9-11.   I am not totally sure if Yoko Ono was behind it, although I think she was.     I have never been one to speculate what John Lennon would have done in certain situations, except for after the terrorist attacks.   I know that he would approve of this message and would have done something to help the people in his city.   

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    I found an interesting story about a girl from Bangkok, Thailand  that wanted to see the Beatle so badly that she traveled to the Netherlands in June of 1964 to see them in concert.     Here is some of her story.

    The story begins on June 6, 1964 when a newspaper in Holland talk about the reactions fans have upon learning that Ringo will not be going the Beatles on the tour due to illness.

    The difficult decision has been made, Ringo Starr, surely in Holland the most loved Beatle, will be replaced during the period of his illness.  The Dutch teenagers will see the Beatles with a stranger in their midst, a virtually unknown drummer, who will have the very difficult task to take Ringo's place behind the drum set.   Yesterday evening The Beatles were rehearsing, with their new and temporary drummer, the numbers they are going to play today in Copenhagen and in the next few days in our Country.  At that moment Ringo was lying on his white hospital bed, separated, far away from loud teenage music, from the winding music and the fans, who have been ringing him up day in and day out for several months to make it impossible to have a quiet life.   But, in the hospital he will feel unhappy, as regardless, he will now find out, personally, what a hard world showbusinesss is; as The Beatles will be able to perform without him. 

     I believe that the appearance of The Beatles without Ringo Starr, has lost a substantial amount of its attraction, and questions have to be asked whether it was a good idea to replace him after all because the Beatles are no longer The Beatles without Ringo.     Our teenagers are therefore very disappointed that Ringo is not coming.  A 14 year old girl told me, "I cried when I heard."   A 16 year old girl told me, "I want to go and visit him, now that he is ill.  I can not enjoy the Beatles.

     A blond was seen earlier this week in this paper and she was happy then.  She had flown over from Bangkok to see The Beatles and to meet Ringo.  Trudy Bennick has, due to flight costs, paid fl.4000 for her Beatles-ticket.  Now she no longer appears happy.  Ringo, her favourite is ill. "I am still looking forward to going to Blokker, but the real excitement is no longer there" she said "I feel so sorry for Ringo, that he is lying there in the hospital."  The girls with her are Trudy and Marti Ziekman, the daughters of the family with whom Trudy is staying.  They too are going to see the Beatles, and they are also sad because of Ringo.  With them, thousands of Dutch teenagers are disappointed. 

     And here is the article from when she met them

    Beatles Appearance set back for press and public

    The problems started at Amsterdam airport where the police manhandled a reporter, who ended up with a few bruised ribs.  When everybody went in the direction of the VIP lounge for the press conference, it was found that they were in a waiting room.  The Beatles were obviously not important enough to get the VIP lounge. 
    Fans were waiting for hours around the Delen hotel for the return of the Beatles from Hillegon.  There were no real problems, although a police officer was accidentally hit by an iron bar, there were also some minor acts of vandalism, such as a letterbox pulled out of the ground, and part of the pavement damaged.  The Beatles returned, and around 10pm appeared an number of times on their hotel balcony.  It remained relatively noisy around the hotel for some time. 
    A girl came all the way from Bangkok, and she was allowed to ask some questions during the interview, but she would surely have had most pleasure from the personal meeting she had with the Beatles (see photograph)



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  • 09/12/17--20:03: Backstage antics

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  • 09/12/17--20:10: Happy birthday James

  • Photos from the estate of Rose Martin.  Copyright held by Sara Schmidt

    40 years ago today Linda McCartney gave birth to her only son, James.    I want to wish him a very happy 40th birthday and welcome him offically into the "40's club!"    I can't think of anything better to do for my favorite Beatle son than to share some semi-embarassing photos of James from the early 1990's that I own the rights to.   

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  • 09/12/17--20:12: A rainbow over your blues

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  • 09/13/17--17:54: Belfast

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  • 09/13/17--18:12: At the Speed of Sound

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  • 09/13/17--18:12: so many questions

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    It has been 20 years since Paul McCartney released his album, Flaming Pie.    This has always been one of my favorite McCartney solo albums.    However I was not sure if it would still be a great album 20 years later.   Would it seem dated and little too 1990's for today?     I figured it was time to give this album another listen.

    The first thing I did was re-read over the liner notes, which were written by Mark Lewishon.   I discovered that Ringo played on two songs, Linda sang back up on two songs,  son James played guitar on one, George Martin arranged a song and Jeff Lynne did some producing.    Hmmmm....that alone sounds like an outstanding album.

    I was pleseantly pleased to hear Paul's clear and classic voice coming through my headphones.    The melodies of songs such as Calico Skies, Little Willow, and Heaven on a Sunday were enough to bring about emotions.      And that is overall the feel of this album --   one full of deep emotions.     Knowing what was going on in Paul's life between 1995-1997 (when the album would have been released), it makes sense.    Paul was dealing with the diagnoses of his wife, Linda having breast cancer, the very thing that took Paul's mother from him.     It had to have been very difficult for him and I think some of that emotion comes out on Flaming Pie.   

    Paul also had just came off the tails of the Beatles Anthology and admits that he had the Beatles in his mind when he made this album.    It has a Beatles feel about it, and not just in the title song. 

    The album at times seems 'unplugged' but in no way does it have a strong 1990's feel about it.   There aren't any grunge songs or anything that stands out that it is from the mid 1990's.   

    The one song I didn't care for was his duet with Steve Miller called "I used to be bad."   This song obviously started out as two musicians jamming and maybe it should have stayed that way.    Not that it is a bad song, but it seems to go on a little long and just feels out of place on this album.

    The song that surprised me was "Somedays."    I was surprised by how lovely the orchestration on this song was (it was done by George Martin which I dont' remember).    Everything about this song was just really nice and it was never one that stood out for me in the past.

    My favorite song is still "Beautiful Night."    It is actually my all time favorite Paul solo song.  I know that some of the lyrics are goofy, but to me it is just the perfect Paul McCartney song.    Ringo drums on it and Linda sings background.      I picture Paul singing this song to Linda and it just seems (for a lack of a better word )  beautiful.   

    Is Flaming Pie a Paul album that you enjoy?    Have you given it a good listen in the past 20 years?   If you have never given it a chance, I really recommend it.   I don't think you will disappointed.

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  • 09/14/17--20:08: Home Coming

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    George was the best man at Joe Brown's 2000 wedding.   I love the group photo of the wedding party.

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  • 09/17/17--19:15: Smiling this time

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  • 09/17/17--19:54: A little time in Toronto

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  • 09/17/17--20:15: Quiet on the Set

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  • 09/17/17--20:19: Screaming at the Screen

  • From the look of this photo, one would guess that these were Beatles fan screaming at a live Beatles concert, but that is incorrect.   These fans are screaming at a Beatles concert that was recorded and shown on closed circuit -- the Beatles at Washington D.C.    The fans acted just like the Beatles were right there in front of them. 

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  • 09/17/17--20:22: One for the Paul fans

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  • 09/18/17--19:30: Stunning

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  • 09/18/17--19:33: Raymond's Revue Bar